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Local Restaurants

Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is good.

--Irish Proverb

Guntersville has more than its fair share of great local restaurants. Though Guntersville is a small town, and feels like one, several people have chosen to live out their passion for cooking great food right here. Just go out a few nights, and you will see a wide variety of unique places and menu items. In addition to the local dockside restaurants, these are some of our favorites.



Located by the water, enjoy both traditional dishes and gourmet entrees. 



Excellent cajun cuisine and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. This one lives up to the name and reputation.

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The Rock House Eatery

A deli with a chef and full bar. You will want to try several plates before you decide on a favorite.

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Old Town Stock House

For a celebratory meal or simply for have taste of class. Old Town is known for excellent steaks.


Sunset Bar and Grill




Jax's Bar and Grill


Pinecrest Dining Room

For a laid-back meal on the patio, come get a burger and beer; top it off with pie and ice cream.

Located across the road from Duckett Pointe, have a meal prepared by a chef who has created a destination in JD's.

Whether you are looking for a milkshake or margarita, you can enjoy it at Jax's. 

Overlooking Lake Guntersville from atop of the State Park, the view at Pinecrest makes the meal even better.


Phantastic Pho


Homecoming and Company


Cafe 336

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The Brick

Phantastic Pho serves Thai food, and they have several dishes that incorporate the local seafood.

Looking for a homecooked meal? Homecoming and Company offers southern comfort food as only the south can.

Downtown Guntersville, a great cafe with light and plentiful bowls of salads, sandwiches, and the like.

For some of the best burgers or mixed drinks around, hit The Brick in downtown Guntersville.

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