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The Shoreline Club

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.

--Henry David Thoreau


The artistic call that echoes through the architecture and landscapes of Duckett Pointe finds its full expression in The Shoreline Club, our signature clubhouse.


Made for sharing together, The Shoreline Club opens the lake to the residents of Duckett Pointe and creates many ways to embrace the resort life right at home. The shoreline of a lake is the edge, the margin between two worlds, a place of rest, relationship, and reflection.


The best things in life happen in the margins, and that's what we hope The Shoreline Club will mean to our members.

Interior Amenities

Light restaurant and bar

Grand Fireplace

Open view to the lake

Fitness center

Covered porch


Exterior Amenities

Fantastic deck with ample seating

10 foot waterfall

Pool with covered and uncovered areas

Large patio with privacy cabanas

Outdoor fireplace


The Shoreline Grill

Come eat at our member's only  bistro-style restaurant that serves light meals and beverages. No matter the season, there is never a bad time for a good meal.

DP_Bar 3.jpg

Fireplace Den

The open, yet cozy, atmosphere surrounding our stone fireplace invites you to open a good book or sit with your friend while you stretch your feet toward the fire.

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The View at the Shoreline

The porch and extended balcony gives a great view of the lake from every angle. It is covered, but the high ceiling lets you see the blue sky as you look out. Sit around the waterfall basin; it's a perfect place for rest or reflection. 


Fitness Center

We have a fitness center with free-weights, cycles, treadmills, and weight machines. Get a workout in before jumping in the pool.

DP_Pool 2.jpg

(With a great lake view!)

Take a swim, then stay around the pool or under the upper deck in the shade while the others swim. Go under the waterfall for a refreshing plunge.

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Privacy Cabanas

If you want to have a nice place to sit by the lake, in the shade, but close to the water, a private cabana is for you. Members enjoy the use of this unique space.

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Exterior Fireplace

Cool nights by the lake just got a lot cooler. The atmosphere around the fireplace area is perfect for relaxing or listening to an acoustic concert.


Meaningfully Large Porch

Every square inch of the wrap-around porch has a great view of the water. Designed to invite friends together, The Shoreline Club gives you the space by the lake without any hassle. Be in the middle of it all--and outside at the same time.

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