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Beautiful Lake Guntersville

The earth has music for those who listen

--William Shakespeare

If you are looking for a sacred place to find peace, the lake is open door. You will not have to go far to listen to the rhythms of grace in the waves of open water around you. Lake Guntersville is surrounded by woods and uninhabited land for nearly seventy percent of its 69,000 acres.


Beauty in the Little Things

Rediscover the humble beauty in the details of each unnoticed feature. Listen to the stillness and remember the joy of connecting to nature. 


Listen to a Old Song

The avian life surrounding Guntersville is as stunning as it is varied. You can hear the newest version of an old song each morning sung by a few of our good friends.

Foggy Lake

Find a hideaway for a day

Whether you visit Guntersville State Park or simply find a space on the protected areas of the lake, it is hard not to feel a sense of gratitude in this wild refuge.

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